Christ Child Society Meal Support for ‘Run the Race’

It was the Christ Child Society that gave us the beautiful art room and every Tuesday and Thursday all the food that the children eat comes from the them as well.
— Rachel Muha (Founder, Run the Race)

Run the Race founder Rachel Muha realized early on that if she didn’t feed the kids who came to her after school program on the west side of Columbus, they would not have anything for dinner. After making this realization, She reached out to the Christ Child Society Members to help with after school meals.  Through this program our members donate time and ingredients for home cooked meals for 60 children twice a week. Many years later that goal remains the same - that no child goes home on an empty stomach.
When it came time for the Run the Race Club to move into it’s permanent location, the Christ Child Society funded tables, storage closets and supplies for the art room. Today, Christ Child Society volunteers continue to assist in providing food for special events at the center, and in obtaining items for their food pantry. Together we fight hunger and give security in knowing these west side children are getting a nutritious meal.