The Crib Club Boutique

One of the struggles that we are dealing with is financial stability. The program and the Christ Child Society have really helped us a lot. I’m very grateful.
— Rainey Richardson (Crib Club Client)

This program benefits low-income mothers and babies by providing support, valuable information concerning care of babies and needed items they might otherwise be unable to afford.

Partnered with the Women’s Care Center of Columbus, The Crib Club program provides new cribs, diapers, clothing and other baby items. This is an incentive program that rewards participation in parenting classes, prenatal care and other valuable educational programs.  Through participation, coupons are earned and can be redeemed at the Crib Club  store. The Christ Child Society volunteers are fully responsible for running the store. Members raise the funds to purchase merchandise, price items, and stock the shelves. Together we help Central Ohio women by giving them the opportunity to receive prenatal care and the education needed to better support their children.